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Integrated Energy Therapy sessions are by appointment only. Please call or email to setup a time that will work for both of our schedules. If you email and don't hear back within a day, please call, as email is proven unreliable.


Sessions are performed by laying down on a soft massage table fully clothed with soft relaxing music playing and essential oils diffused into the room. Gentle therapeutic touch and powerful IET techniques are used on targeted areas of the body to gently get your issues out of your tissues for good. 

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Basic & Intermediate Level sessions take approximately an hour. New clients usually begin with these levels, where the IET focuses on the human energy field's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.


              Negative energy imprints from your past are cleared from the cellular memory and imprinted with positive empowering states of energy. Two to three sessions are recommended before an advanced level session is scheduled.


Advanced level sessions take approximately 1.5 hours and we focus on bringing your soul's mission & your dreams to life faster.


While envisioning your dreams, angelic guided IET techniques are used to support gently clearing resistance and fears, then to energetically align you with your dreams to ultimately manifest the results.


More than one session may be necessary, depending on how energetically resistant you are in moving forward.


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